kate, 11
u guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
andy, 10
you guys are the best pilot you may be nuts but you are still awesome PS.Brett do you think i can turn into some monster thingy?
sebastyan, 10
hay there, Pilot and Huxley is so cool that i read the whole series
darryl, 10
New Zealand
i love you guys yous are the best
Tevita, 12
New Zealand
i love Huxley and Pilot so much i can't wait for the second and the third comic
ethan, 9
this is cool
andrei, 8
i love pilot and huxley i like the part when huxley said WHAT THERES NO SWAMP OF BEES IN NEW ZEALAND! i love that book
Jack, 8
cool books can you go up to 10 books
The Grim Reaper, 99
Chicken World
Can you get me out of here?
Huxley, 10
When am I gonna get something exciting in my life? Make Pilot get dipped in something and gets eaten and I find a sword that destroys all monsters
loretta, 10
how old are u
lotofoa, 9
hey i had a book of pilot and huxley when i got it from the duffy asembly
charlie, 0
my fav book is number3 it is da best I can't wait till number 4 comes out
jack, 11
I like huxley I love the books
jermaine, 10
i love your books when is number 4 coming out
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