alex rowe, 8
hi. what's up with book 4? much are the books in the shops?
Rory, 12
New Zealand
Pilot and Huxley is freak'in awesom!!!
J. Hoppe, 10
New York
Pilot Pilot Pilot Pilot Huxley Huxley Huxley Huxley. Make one where Super Mario comes as a good guy and Bowser is the bad
Jeremy H., 10
New York
Hey, Pilot comes from the long-lost 32-man Mario Brother chain . I watched with Mario and we will make our move soon
Jay, 14
Hi, i absolutely love Pilot & Huxley, they are soo funny and are you going to make more comics about Pilot & Huxley because i am really looking forwar
donovan, 10
PILOT AND HUXLY IS SO EPIK!!! but why cantb you get the third pilot and huxly in the US yet WHYYYYYY!!!???!!!
Ethan, 9
Port Melbourne
Piolt and Huxley rox!!!
Jeremy H, 10
New York
Pilot is someone like me. Also do you know what it means with Pilot? No? It means Daniel Boom seems to have some sort of compitition. Don't tell him.
Black3492, 9
I LOVE THESE BOOK PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!... and a movie
dan, 15
when will you make the next book?
Ryan, 12
New York
Can you try to make this a Television show please. I really love this book.
lyn, 32
this is so coool i wish they give me ver1-ver1000
Finn, 8
your so awesome pleassssss!!!! make another book because me and my friend Lucy love your books
Joe, 10
Hi, pilot and huxley are AWSM!!!
Minecraft, 11
These books are awesome! When is the next book coming?
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