Aedyn, 9
My favorite character is Huxley.
seva, 9
pilot &huxley is the best book eva!!! I like pilot best
Lucas and liam, 9
we'v only read p&h 1# & 3#, but anywho you are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! we are your biggest fans We have even written our own book about p& h!!!!!!!!!!!
Sammy, 14
QLD, Moranbah
Saw books 1, 2 & 3 lying around at the library so I decided to check them out, and I was amazed! Killer comics man!
steve, 22
123 abc st ns
cool i'm writing a message on the internets!!!
madison, 10
wheres book number 2
Andrew, 12
10711 Riverview Drive , Riverview FL 335
Can I please have your sutograph
joseph, 8
I rili lick your boock!
Mahbobeh, 10
I love to read PILOT & HUXLEY I really want to read PILOT & HUXLEY and the holiday portal :)
tom bate, 8
melbuorne australia
you are so awesome dan do you do other comics
Tyler, 9
You guys are awesome!!!
Dylan, 10
This booki rocks, favourite character is Pilot, got the whole series!
joshua, 8
I love your books
Ayan, 9
mn usa
awesome author
saman, 8
where are the games
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