raph, 8
155 morgan st
I love number 1 sooooo much
harry, 9
Perth W.A.
i bring pilot and huxley to school and every body wants to read them please a 4th book (there SOOOO FUNNY)
alexander, 12
12 Vic Warnmabool
I love to read pilot and huxely they are awesome an relly cool because of all the action
connor, 11
I really want u to write a 4 pilot and huxley
Catgirl140, 13
Perth, WA
I love the humour in your books. I describle it as dark humour because there are things you least expect! I enjoy reading then. :3
pilot, 10
planet earth
dans books are the best comics across the whole universe!
Hayen, 12
These books are awesome :) lol
lego10, 10
The books are awesome when are the new ones coming out
Jayden, 8
Western Australia
I read all of your,re books they are serisously awesome when is you,re next book published.
banjo, 9
Hi is there going to be a book 4 yet! p.s can the book 3 be a bit cheaper
jaxon, 8
i like it
corey, 11
i love your books at school every body sits at the box waiting for the book to come
jack, 11
omg I can't believe dan visited my school by the way I visited pulp fictions pilot and huxley were SOLD OUT!
jesse, 9
new zeland
pilot and huxly I have read all your books they are totaly epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Em D, 12
you guys are pretty cool
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