Ursula, 9
it was great i read in two days cant wait till the next book
jack, 9
hi its me jack again can you show how to draw swear name oops i meen huxley
jack, 9
pilot & huxley is completly awsome and i can't wait for book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samuel, 10
Australia QLD
Hi. I am adicted to your actioned-packed book!
Alex, 10
pilot and huxley is a really awesome book, when I read it for four times I wanted to see the next bookit's like being brain laser hypmotised!! lol!
william, 10
this book rocks i read it over and over! its totally awsome man!
callum, 9
i love pilot and huxley to death!! I can not stop reading it!! LOL
callum, 9
does anyone know what the book is called? Please tell me if you do know!
callum, 9
my favourite character is the grim riper!!!he is awesome
callum, 9
pilot and huxley is so awesome!! I can't stop reading it i am addict
tiara, 10
i think thay pilot and huxley are great!! i think that the books are awesome!! i just want and need more of them!!
Andrew, 10
I love your book! I read it again and again! even my friend loves it! I can't waint till book 2 comes out!
Steffi, 9
pilot and huxley are so great i read the book in 10 mins and i wanted more when i finished
lucas, 9
love the book and bookmarks and whos tentpeg that brit mentions on bookmark
rania, 10
western australia
i haven't seen the book but ireally want to. I've got a feeling that this will be a great book.
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