mahalia, 9
16 ryces Dr clunes
I bought pilot and Huxley at our school fete and I'm happy I did. IT'S THE BEST BOOK I READ!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT YET BYE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
mahalia, 9
16 ryces Dr clunes
I bought pilot and Huxley
Dylan, 10
probably the funniest and weirdest book i ever read it's jam packed with surorises PILOT AND HUXLEY = AWESOME
Tom, 9
Pilot is AWSOME! you should make the book inta a movie
DEC, 11
i love pilot and huxley i reckon the other people who wrote in and said that you should make it into a moviegame and tv show are so right!
Sarah, 10
Hi pest
nicola, 11
australia gold coast arundel
omg omg omg i love ur books i want to read the next 1000 book u come up with
pinkitty, 11
I can wait until the second book comes out because I bought the first book and it was AWSOME!! My class are taking turns in reading it!
jasper, 11
pilot and huxley is awsome and u r a great illistrator, a real page-turner!
Toby, 11
Wow. This book is awesome! Like Pilot said, You should turn this into a t.v show!!! But Get Cartman from Southpark to play Huxley!
addy, 10
i have not read the book yet but i read a sample of it and just by that i want you guys to make a second one!!!!
Vincent, 10
This book is awesome it is the best book our book fair will ever have or maybe the others will be better GO PILOT AND HUXLEY
ryan mulheran, 8
me want second book now !
Philippa, 10
Belrose NSW
I like the girl when she transforms into a MONSTER!!!!!
Bob, 9
This book is the best! I can not wait till the 2nd book!
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